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Mar 26, 2009


title Dan Ariely: Why we think it's OK to cheat and steal (sometimes)
description Don't trust your intuition, test it, warns Dan Ariely in a newly released TED Talk. The behavioural economist also discusses cheating and how in-groups, accessibility, and tokens (i.e. stock options instead of cash) may have contributed to the recession. An engaging, amusing speaker; also see this 20:00 talk on irrational behaviour
producer TED Talks
featuring Dan Ariely
format Flash, MP4
date 07/02/09
length 00:16:23


Mar 25, 2009


title Image of Mind - An Update
description Using MRI and PET to research "human brain organization and function in health and disease."
producer WebComm, George Mason University
featuring Marcus Raichle
format Flash
date 29/05/07
length 00:56:02


Mar 24, 2009

The Bionics Woman: Yoky Matsuoka

[Image courtesy The Seattle Times]

"I will publish a blog post on Tuesday 24th March about a woman in technology whom I admire but only if 1,000 other people will do the same." Suw Charman-Anderson made this pledge, launching Ada Lovelace Day with a a huge response.

"Recent research by psychologist Penelope Lockwood discovered that women need to see female role models more than men need to see male ones. That’s a relatively simple problem to begin to address. If women need female role models, let’s come together to highlight the women in technology that we look up to."

Yoky Matsuoka is someone I look up to in every way but physical height. She is brilliant, powerful, charismatic and beautiful too. She redefines "overachiever" while doing tangibly good work for humanity, developing prosthetic arms with neural interfaces. She is a woman leading in tech, and in life.

title Where Humans and Robots Connect
description Yoky Matsuoka talks about her work in neurorobotics, with dexterity, prosthetic hands and brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). She's an entertaining and powerful speaker, opening with amusing anecdotes about her fame as a recipient of a MacArthur "genius grant" fellowship.
producer University of Washington 2008 Engineering Lecture Series
featuring Yoky Matsuoka
format WMV, Quicktime, mp3, mp4
date 21/11/08
length 00:52:21

Even more Yoky! I've posted other videos previously, here (lecture) and here (short MacArthur promo).


Mar 20, 2009

FACS and Lies

title Conversations with History: Paul Ekman
description Paul Ekman on his career and research with emotions and faces. His Facial Action Coding System (FACS) for microexpressions led to (among other things) the TV drama Lie To Me, in which a gruff researcher (based on Ekman, also a show consultant) and his glamorous employees form The Lightman Group, hired to solve crimes and spot lies. The Neurocritic reveals more.
producer UCTV, University of California Television
featuring Paul Ekman, Harry Kreisler
format Flash
date **/04/04
length 00:56:07

Lie to Me - Season 1 - "Moral Waiver" - Tim Roth as Cal Lightman, Monica Raymund as Ria Torres and Kelli Williams as Gillian Foster (courtesy Adam Taylor/Fox)


Mar 15, 2009

Safe Injection Site

title Staying Alive
description An episode of investigative journalism TV show The Fifth Estate about InSite, a safe injection site in Vancouver's bleak Downtown Eastside. Dr. Gabor Mate, who works in the detox/treatment component of the harm reduction program, sums up why people who have suffered abuse and/or mental illness get mired in cycles of addiction. Stress triggers relapse, while marginalization, stigma and homelessness make it worse. "We've created a system that produces the maximum amount of stress on the people who can least withstand it," he says. Although InSite is supported by two levels of government, police, and dozens of doctors and researchers, the federal Canadian government is threatening to close it down due to their moral qualms rather than evidence. (Open letter signed by 85 scientists: PDF.)
producer CBC
featuring Hana Gartner, Darwin Fisher, Gabor Mate, David Brodrick, Shelly Tomic, Taz Prouting
format Flash
date 13/03/09
length 00:41:34


Mar 10, 2009

Communicating Free Yale Education

title How Do We Communicate? Language in the Brain, Mouth and the Hands
description Basics of language: "…introduces students to the major topics within the study of language: phonology, morphology, syntax and recursion. … theories of language acquisition, arguments for the specialization of language, and the commonalities observed in different languages across cultures." Lecture 6 of 20 in the course Introduction to Psychology from Yale Online Creative Commons open learning courses, via Academic Earth. Nifty "dim the lights" function. Transcript.
producer Yale University
featuring Paul Bloom
format Flash
date unknown
length 00:56:31


Mar 5, 2009

Live Colloquium Webcast

title The BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network 2009 Research Colloquium
description Live webcast all day Thursday March 5 (begins 9:00 am PST). Scheduled lectures: Professor Peter Beresford (Brunel University, London, UK): New directions in service user engagement in research, Dr. Chris Lalonde (UVic): The influence of cultural continuity on youth health trajectories, Dr. Erin Michalak (UBC): Collaborative research on psychosocial issues in bipolar disorder, Ms. Hajera Rostam (UBC): Marginalized communities and mental health and addiction service providers, and Dr. Amy Salmon (BCCEWH): Strategies for community driven knowledge translation led by and for women with addictions. PDF here. Videos will be archived online after the event.
producer BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network
featuring Peter Beresford, Chris Lalonde, Erin Michalak, Hajera Rostam, Amy Salmon
format Flash
date 05/03/09
length unknown


Mar 1, 2009

Gender and the Brain

[Short clip embedded above; link to full video below.]

title The Gender Puzzle
description Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, genetics, intersex, and gender beyond chromosomes or culture. A pay per view video on demand (PPV VOD) costing one British pound but worth it. An excellent documentary. From the description: "Scientists are now looking beyond chromosomes to 'brain sex' and the role of newly discovered genes. By studying transsexuals and people on the gender extremes, they believe they can unlock the gender puzzle."
producer Janine Cohen, for ABC Australia
featuring Janine Cohen, Christie North & family, Vince Harley, Andrew Sinclair, Louise Newman, Andie Hider & family, Garry Warne, Fintan Harte, Craig Andrews and many more
format Flash
date 17/11/05
length 00:44:50


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